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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Week no.4: Farewelling a Friend

Hey Guys
Week no.4 has been a bit of a sad one for me... 

In all of my 19 years, I have dodged the bullet of having to farewell my friends overseas. I know that as we get older, these things change and people move on - but I really thought I could put it off forever. There have been times where it's come close but never happened, so this week was a bit of a sad shock for me. My best friend Emma is moving to the UK indefinitely to work overseas, go to amazing music festivals and live her life the way she wants! Although I am outrageously proud of her, I have to admit that I wish she wasn't going... 


emma sandwhich.

So this week I have spent lots of time with my beloved Emmy, and thought I would share some pics with you from her farewell shindig and some of our most recent shinangins. For some strange, bizarre reason it still doesn't feel real that my best friend is leaving! Who am I going to call when a boy breaks my heart? or a crisis goes down? or I see something funny? or I just need a hug? She is my sisterly rock...and to say that I'm going to miss her, is possibly the biggest understatement ever made. 

clubbin' and lovin'
a drunk head butt.

..made better by a kiss

scream, it's halloween.
What I've learnt this week kiddos, is that the age old saying is true - you really don't know what you've got until it's gone (overseas). I hope this week you've seen something that will encourage you to spend more time with your besties, because trust me...you'll regret it when they're off and abroad. 

adios my amigo.
Until next week,

xxxxx Amelia

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