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Sunday, 5 June 2011

week no.3: Working Less, Living More

Hey Guys!
We have entered week no.3...49 first times left to go. This week was my first time not being a workaholic. Everyone that knows me, knows that I tend to freak out when I have to give up a shift or don't have a job. It's strange, but sadly it's true. For the past 5 years I've worked at the annual 'Food and Wine Festival' in Manly and I've always wondered what it would be like to actually go and enjoy the festival...so this week I did it!

My little brother David and I headed down to the beachfront and stuffed our faces with the most delicious pastries in the whole world..and when I say we, I mean me...

5 delicious minutes later...

the keeper of the cakes.
feeling sky high.

finger licking goodness.

one very large piece of lemon cake.
caught in the act.

The festival is all about eating great food and drinking amazing wine...two things I'm pretty good at doing, if I do say so myself. It was really fun, but sort of bizarre, walking along the normally quiet beachfront seeing hundreds and hundreds of people. The place was bustling with energy and I have to admit it was nice to be out and about amongst it, instead of working behind the scenes. For all who don't know Manly, here are some pics to introduce you to my little hometown...

sharing is caring.

a busking robot. only in manly.

seaside crowds.

more seaside crowds.

my very tall, little brother.  
 So that's it for me this week my loves, I hope you have seen something that will inspire you to eat copious amounts of cake, spend time with your siblings and take a sick day off work occasionally - because as I've learnt this week...it's pretty darn fun! 

Let me know what you cool cats have been getting up to over the past week? any cheeky sick days??

Until next week, 
Adios amigos!

xxxxxx Amelia


  1. Absolutely wonderful! I wish I could join you! :)

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  3. um yum!!!! they look so delish!!
    ps. thank you so much hunni for the beautiful birthday comment <3 following you too! :)


  4. I Love your blog! Such a great idea!!!
    Your header is awesome too x