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Thursday, 9 June 2011

night light.

Hey guys!
Just a little end-of-week post to say hello and send my love! Last night I braved the freezing cold Sydney weather to head out and see the Vivid festival along Sydney Harbour. Rugged up in my coat, scarf and beanie, I walked around and saw over 40 different light installations!

groovy baby.

geometric wonder.


The Sydney Opera House was in fine form last night, working over time to showcase an amazing line up of animated projections. I was honestly in awe...one minute this iconic building was covered in 70's swirls and geometric patterns and the next minute it had been transformed into a giant snakes and ladders game!

fluorescent tentacles 

bright lights.

my very colourful friends.
Nestled amongst all the amazingly lit buildings were a heap of individual installations created by artists from around the globe. I've popped some pictures above of my favourites and I hope you'll agree that they're pretty awesome?!

The MCA being it's artful self. 
Possibly one of my favourites from the night, the Museum of Contemporary Art was transformed into an interactive art canvas. If you look closely and squint your eyes really hard, you'll see two little people projected onto the building (towards the base). The one on the left is me! I've never done graffiti before, but doing it virtually on the MCA felt pretty bad ass!! 

all eyes are on you.


Enjoy your weekend my loves and stay tuned for this week's first time experience! I should hopefully have it up by Monday... please let me know what you think about Vivid and if anyone's gone, what did you think??

Vivid finishes on the 13th of June, so if any of you are keen head to www.vividsydney.com for more info.

See you in a few days!

xxxxx Amelia

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  1. AWWW! I'm a Melbournian and MAN I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU SYDNEY SIDERS RIGHT NOW! I really wanted to go to Vivid! The light work looks unreal! Did you see any bands? xx