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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Week no. 5, 6, 7: Bright Lights, New Cities

Hello darlings,

Tomorrow I am jetsetting off on a whirlwind adventure. My travels will take me far and wide, so for the next 3 weeks (21 days to be exact) I will be gallivanting throughout the streets of Los Angeles, Vancouver Canada and New York City. 

I have waited (and saved every penny of my teeny tiny wage) for 2 long years for this trip, and my excitment is paramount! I still haven't packed, because I'm terribly last minute in everything that I do...but I've been told that it's very hot over there, so I'm thinking little floral dresses and nothing but summer essentials??

If any gorgeous Americans happen to stumble across my humble (yet often never read) blog, I would very much appreciate your packing advice! What should a girl from Sydney Australia pack in her suitcase for 3 weeks of American/Canadian travels?

So for the next 3 weeks kiddos, I shall be offline from this virtual cyberspace, but please keep commenting and letting me know what you're up to. I will be back online by the 12th of July (factoring in any time I need to recover from the jetlag...ugh) bringing with me an endless record of photographical and experiential first times to share with you all.

Sending you all my love,

xxxx Amelia 

Friday, 17 June 2011

making me smile.

dance, like nobody's watching

fish, like you've never been caught

surf, when you see the sun rise

rest, when you're tired and weary

play, like you're a child again

love, like you'll never forget

decorate, so you feel at home

dream, until the sky is within reach
enjoy, because you can

run, as fast as you can
and learn, through adventure.

Just a few pics that have made me smile this week. Hope you enjoy!
Next week's adventure will be up in 2 days, but be prepared...because I have a HUGE surprise for you all!

xxxx Amelia

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Week no.4: Farewelling a Friend

Hey Guys
Week no.4 has been a bit of a sad one for me... 

In all of my 19 years, I have dodged the bullet of having to farewell my friends overseas. I know that as we get older, these things change and people move on - but I really thought I could put it off forever. There have been times where it's come close but never happened, so this week was a bit of a sad shock for me. My best friend Emma is moving to the UK indefinitely to work overseas, go to amazing music festivals and live her life the way she wants! Although I am outrageously proud of her, I have to admit that I wish she wasn't going... 


emma sandwhich.

So this week I have spent lots of time with my beloved Emmy, and thought I would share some pics with you from her farewell shindig and some of our most recent shinangins. For some strange, bizarre reason it still doesn't feel real that my best friend is leaving! Who am I going to call when a boy breaks my heart? or a crisis goes down? or I see something funny? or I just need a hug? She is my sisterly rock...and to say that I'm going to miss her, is possibly the biggest understatement ever made. 

clubbin' and lovin'
a drunk head butt.

..made better by a kiss

scream, it's halloween.
What I've learnt this week kiddos, is that the age old saying is true - you really don't know what you've got until it's gone (overseas). I hope this week you've seen something that will encourage you to spend more time with your besties, because trust me...you'll regret it when they're off and abroad. 

adios my amigo.
Until next week,

xxxxx Amelia

Thursday, 9 June 2011

night light.

Hey guys!
Just a little end-of-week post to say hello and send my love! Last night I braved the freezing cold Sydney weather to head out and see the Vivid festival along Sydney Harbour. Rugged up in my coat, scarf and beanie, I walked around and saw over 40 different light installations!

groovy baby.

geometric wonder.


The Sydney Opera House was in fine form last night, working over time to showcase an amazing line up of animated projections. I was honestly in awe...one minute this iconic building was covered in 70's swirls and geometric patterns and the next minute it had been transformed into a giant snakes and ladders game!

fluorescent tentacles 

bright lights.

my very colourful friends.
Nestled amongst all the amazingly lit buildings were a heap of individual installations created by artists from around the globe. I've popped some pictures above of my favourites and I hope you'll agree that they're pretty awesome?!

The MCA being it's artful self. 
Possibly one of my favourites from the night, the Museum of Contemporary Art was transformed into an interactive art canvas. If you look closely and squint your eyes really hard, you'll see two little people projected onto the building (towards the base). The one on the left is me! I've never done graffiti before, but doing it virtually on the MCA felt pretty bad ass!! 

all eyes are on you.


Enjoy your weekend my loves and stay tuned for this week's first time experience! I should hopefully have it up by Monday... please let me know what you think about Vivid and if anyone's gone, what did you think??

Vivid finishes on the 13th of June, so if any of you are keen head to www.vividsydney.com for more info.

See you in a few days!

xxxxx Amelia

Sunday, 5 June 2011

week no.3: Working Less, Living More

Hey Guys!
We have entered week no.3...49 first times left to go. This week was my first time not being a workaholic. Everyone that knows me, knows that I tend to freak out when I have to give up a shift or don't have a job. It's strange, but sadly it's true. For the past 5 years I've worked at the annual 'Food and Wine Festival' in Manly and I've always wondered what it would be like to actually go and enjoy the festival...so this week I did it!

My little brother David and I headed down to the beachfront and stuffed our faces with the most delicious pastries in the whole world..and when I say we, I mean me...

5 delicious minutes later...

the keeper of the cakes.
feeling sky high.

finger licking goodness.

one very large piece of lemon cake.
caught in the act.

The festival is all about eating great food and drinking amazing wine...two things I'm pretty good at doing, if I do say so myself. It was really fun, but sort of bizarre, walking along the normally quiet beachfront seeing hundreds and hundreds of people. The place was bustling with energy and I have to admit it was nice to be out and about amongst it, instead of working behind the scenes. For all who don't know Manly, here are some pics to introduce you to my little hometown...

sharing is caring.

a busking robot. only in manly.

seaside crowds.

more seaside crowds.

my very tall, little brother.  
 So that's it for me this week my loves, I hope you have seen something that will inspire you to eat copious amounts of cake, spend time with your siblings and take a sick day off work occasionally - because as I've learnt this week...it's pretty darn fun! 

Let me know what you cool cats have been getting up to over the past week? any cheeky sick days??

Until next week, 
Adios amigos!

xxxxxx Amelia

Friday, 3 June 2011

examination fever

Hey Kids!
I should really really be studying...I'm in the middle of uni exams and final assessments at the momento...but instead I'm listening to The Wombats and idling my time away on blogger. I just couldn't resist the urge to shoot you all a little post to say hello. This week's first time shinanigin will be up in a few days, but I just wanted to share a little experience with you that happened a few days ago...

My incredbily talented cousin Olivia Ansell, has recently been appointed as the executive producer of the Shaun Parker Dance Company...pretty exciting, right!? Now, for all you bun-heads out there (like myself) you'll know that this is pretty massive deal in the dance world! The other night I went to the closing night of her first production, 'The Yard'...and I can easily say it was THE BEST PERFORMANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN!! 

Now although seeing a dance performance is most definitely not a first time for me (all who know me, know i'm obsessed)...this particular production was a first for me in many respects. I've seen hundreds of ballets, countless contemporary pieces and endless musicals, but 'The Yard' was something I've never seen before. Shaun Parker (the choreographer) auditioned kids from Sydney's most disadvantaged areas and brought them together onstage. Each cast member had their own dance style..some were hip-hopers, others were ballet trained and some just knew how to move...but what I loved so much about the piece was that each of them had something really unique about them. Sadly the show is over now, but Olivia was telling me that there's a big possibility it may have another season! Ahh, please let it be true!!

I managed to grab a few sneaky snaps before the show started, so please enjoy and let me know what you think?! Looking forward to this week's first time, so stay tuned and I'll see you all in a few days!

xxx Amelia 

The set...so simple, yet so dramatic. Just perfection.