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Monday, 30 May 2011

week no.2: Embracing Burlesque

Howdy Guys!
This week's first time experience was an unusual one for me... donning my most glamorous outfit and channeling my inner Dita Von Teese (the beauty featured in this weeks sneaky preview), I headed to the 'Australian Burlesque Festival.'

The night kicked off to an amazing start... 
With feathers and sequins as far as the eye could see, it was hard to not be engulfed by the excitement of it all! I watched 15 different burlesque performances that ranged from highly seductive to hilariously funny, and managed to get a few videos of two of the performances.
I've always thought that burlesque was just girls stripping their clothes off...but after going to the festival and seeing so many amazing acts, I realised that burlesque is a lot more than it's 'stripper' reputation. Having to sing, dance, act, use props and undo very difficult costumes on stage, these girls are most definitely performers!!

 Left: Pia Anderson, Vintage AllSorts 
 Right: Rita Fontaine, Miss Burlesque 2010

During the interval, I was very lucky to get the chance to chat with 'Rita Fontaine,' the newly crowned Miss Burlesque Australia 2010. We chinwaged about so many different topics that by the end of our conversation I was crying with laughter! I found out that when she's not exciting audiences onstage with her burlesque performances, Rita works for Greenpeace during the day, painting banners and signs. I told her about my blog and we got onto talking about trying things for the first time...funnily enough, Rita has a few first times she'd like to conquer herself....travel the world, develop new burlesque characters and get a lap dance on the Gold Coast.
 To say I loved her would be an understatement, she's my new idol!

Anyway guys, that's it for me this week. If your interested in heading to a burlesque performance or trying it out for the first time, here are some links to venues and places in Sydney:


Have an amazing week my lovelies and please let me know what you've been getting up ? Any suggestions for next weeks first time shinanigin?

Until next week,
Be safe and be happy!

xxxxx Amelia


    Me with the lovely Miss Tasia

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  1. Oh awesome! Would have loved to have gone! What state are you from? I've been to a couple burlesque nights at Red Bennies (in Melb) and totally had the same realisation as you - it's so much more than stripping and being saucy/sexy. It's an art form, just like any other kind of dance! xx